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DISCONTINUED - CKF Tegral knife (Malyshev design, integral handle, M390, bearings) reviews

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3 reviews for DISCONTINUED - CKF Tegral knife (Malyshev design, integral handle, M390, bearings)
3 reviews
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April 18, 2016 05:45
Amazing craftsmanship
I have owned quite a few integral frame lock folders, and the attention to detail is incredible. Even the inside of the frame is smooth as can be, as I noticed on all my other integral knives it seems choppy or rough. Amazing blade steel, fit and finish, and so incredibly smooth when it comes to the action. Beautiful anodization work, and great ergonomics. I have carried this knife on and off now for about two months now and can find no flaw.
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February 12, 2016 10:18
Best integral design ever IMO
So, what makes an integral folder that special? Solid one-piece of titanium, which doesn't need any screw on the handle to interfere the visual design. However, we've seen lots of integral design that still have a bunch of screws appear on the handle for some reason.

This CKF Tegral by Anton Malyshev is the only integral that has been done right on that part. There are no screws except the pivot and there's only one on pocket clip, it allows the handle to be clean and neat like no other.

This is also the smoothest CKF knife I've ever owned. I can't feel any ball bearing rolling in my Tegral at all, usually you can still feel them rolling on most ball bearing knife if you open them slowly enough.

Last but not least, no single round hole has appeared except the detent hole! This is an achievement in my book. Round holes are the symbol of cheap manufactory and they kill the design most of the time.

Anyway, best integral design ever IMO. Well done Mr. Malyshev and CKF!
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February 2, 2016 17:37
Tegral - Best Knife Yet.....
I ordered the Tegral on 25th January 2016 & I received the knife on 2nd February 2016. That was super fast considering the fact that I stay in Singapore.

Tegral is 2016 model design by Anton "Tohus" Malyshev. Blade is made from M390 Steel while Handle is 2-Tone Titanium, Integral Frame Lock with Bearing Pivot. Blade is 3.66", 0.15" thick with flat grind. Overall length is 8.58" and 4.96" in closed position. The weight is at 4.94 oz. Selling price is USD475.00.

The flipping action of the Tegral is super sleek & smooth. The Blade spring out of the Handle once the flipper is pressed like a Tiger eager to leap out of the Cage. The knife is crazy sharp right out of the pouch given by CKF. I like the 2-Tone Handle crafted out of a single block of Titanium. The Bold Lines & Contrasting Color jumps out at you & is very Pleasing to the eyes.

I like the slight indent on top of the blade which in my opinion enhance the overall shape of the knife. The Blade is solid in the Frame Lock with no blade play in whatever directions.

I knew the parts of the knife are Made in China and assemble in Russia but the tolerance is tight. I spend 15 minutes going over the whole knife with a 10X Loupe. The hand rubbed satin finish blade is in the exact centre position & finishing on the Blade & Handle is impeccable.

I am glad that I pulled the trigger on this knife & I am very happy with it. This is my Best Knife yet.

Kudos to CFK, Well Done.
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