CKF Giveaway, October 2016

Hello there!

Our October GAW has its results, watch video here:

Thank you all for the support, subscribe to our new not to miss our Black Friday soon (28th of October).

Cheers from Russia,

Mike, Anastasiya, Stas

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CKF Giveaway - Aug.2016

Mikhail Kulygin August 1, 2016

Video of our August GAW. Congratulations to winners :)

CKF GAW - August 2016 from Custom Knife Factory on Vimeo.

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CKF Giveaway, January 2016

And the winner is... watch the video till the end :)

Next GAW will be for our site subscribers, do not miss GAW announcement here:

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September 2015: Sukhoi 2.0 ST GAW

Mikhail Kulygin September 10, 2015

Another GAW for our Instagram subscribers :)

The winner is... just watch video :)

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Sukhoi 2.0 GAW for news subscribers and IG fans

Hello guys,

here is the link to YouTube video with winners' choosing.

Subcscribe to our news and IG account - more GAWs are coming!

CKF Team

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DCPT-2 GAW 14.06.2015

Winner - Congratulations :)

Subscribe to - We will have more cool GAWs in future!

Video of lottery at

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BladeShow-2015, we're in!

Mikhail Kulygin May 31, 2015

We will take part in BladeShow-2105 on 5th and 6th of June. Our table is 25i.

All customized versions of CKF knives will be selling at price of production knives.

All customers who take part in our Instagram GAW have 15% discount on all products we sell at BladeShow.

See you there!

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​Rabbit, Morrf, Decepticon-1 knives are sold out

Rabbit, Morrf, Decepticon-1 knives are sold out now.

We'll have more Rabbits in August maybe. Now one may find several in our dealers' shops.

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Rabbit GAW

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