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DISCONTINUED - S.S.E. (Malyshev design, M390, ceramic bearings) reviews

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1 review for DISCONTINUED - S.S.E. (Malyshev design, M390, ceramic bearings)
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August 24, 2016 23:50
"Little Brother"
#58 just came in and I am blown away again. The S.S.E. is a sleek and sexy blade.Beautiful design and as usual CNF has done a fantastic job of making this creation come to life. CNF craftsmanship is above the bar and this knife is again Proof that these guys mean business. The blade is a perfect length and the blue accents make the body of the knife simply appealing. The S.S.E. fits just right in the pocket with a smooth pull release and deployment. Makes a perfect EDC with style. Well done Boys! This makes number 7 CNF blades for me and everyone I buy I am amazed at the quality and care that went into making me a CNF believer. THANKS Again Guys!
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