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Ratata BLK (M390, Ti, bearings) reviews

4 reviews for Ratata BLK (M390, Ti, bearings)

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  • By March 25, 2017 03:05
    Amazing knife 

    I've fallen in love with this knife. Thin and light, but so much blade and the action is fantastic. It took me a couple of days to warm up to the tiny flipper, but now I can't believe I didn't buy one of these sooner. Fantastic knife!

    • By November 20, 2016 12:26
      • By November 20, 2016 12:24

        Possibly the best knife in this price range available. Terrific action. Great design and a perfect EEDC option.

        • By November 18, 2016 21:53
          Ratata-Son of T-90 

          Again CKF and Alexey have created another fantastic blade. I have not had the honor to hold or play with the original T-90, but if it as cool as the Ratata, I will keep looking for one. This blade is very well designed and built. For a thinner and smaller frame than the T-90 as far as I could tell from pictures, is a perfect rendition of the father knife. The blade is a perfect EDC length and has a nice belly for slicing and cutting. The knife fits in the pocket very well and deploys like a lightning strike. Like my Decepticon-1 and Decepticon-3, The Ratata melts into your hand for comfortable and complete control. The finish is beautiful for tactical reasons yet it allows all the details of this fine design to stand out. I am amazed again how Alexey and CKF can create and build such beautiful blades that are so different in design in such a short time window between builds. You guys are exceptional knife makers and should be very proud of your hard work and the best service money can buy. It shows the true passion of great men. If you CKF nuts are reading this review, please order this wicked cool EDC blade as soon as you can, because they will only be on the shelf a short period of time, I guarantee it. You will never be disappointed with any knife they build and sell and the service is second to none anywhere on the planet. This brother is again very happy with my new blade. Thanks again CKF and team. You made my day!