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CKF/SNECX Pepyakka S

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Very ingenious design. Not seen one like it anywhere. Parts fit perfectly. Spins like a dream. Certainly worth the price.
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Our collaboration with Snecx Design Lab.

Limited, numbered spinner from SNECX/CKF.

Common attempt to make Grail Spinner. As we usually say: not just a primitive printed plastic or titanium SH(T with the bearing in the middle. Titanium, PVD, 2x r188 bearings

Pepyakka S has about 20 parts and interlocking pieces excluding the 2 bearings (yes, two!) for super gyro stability. It is so-called "mechanical puzzle", new prospective to the whole spinner community.

We think spinner people would greatly appreciate this level of complexity and strong visual appeal.

Pepyakka S is very complicated and expensive spinner.

CKF/SNECX Pepyakka S reviews

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Pepyakka S
Very ingenious design. Not seen one like it anywhere. Parts fit perfectly. Spins like a dream. Certainly worth the price.
2nd CKF Spinner
My second CKF spinner this week. I am hooked for sure. Picked this up and cant put it down. The amount of parts are really amazing with how they all interlock. First spin was 3+ minutes. Thanks again for a quality product. .
the handling is so good, smooth like baby skin, the design is so futuristic. very satisfied. i am sleeping with it in my hand.
So smooth!
I was really excited when I saw the design for preorder. Totally blown away by what arrived! Smoothest spinner I've ever handled.
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- ETA is August 2017
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- Yes, we ship spinners worldwide
- Yes, it is spinner. It spins.

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