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DISCONTINUED - Muscle (Tashi Bharucha, M390, 2rbs, Ti, stonewash) reviews

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1 review for DISCONTINUED - Muscle (Tashi Bharucha, M390, 2rbs, Ti, stonewash)
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July 6, 2016 03:39
"Muscle" #38
I received #38 Muscle today and what a knife. Even though it is very large it fits my hand perfectly, with great balance and control. Flips with authority and locks up like a Sig slide slamming home. The blade has great belly for slicing and the recurve on the blade near the handle helps keep rope, para cord etc. near the handle where knife control is imperative. The geometric designs in the frame are flawlessly cut with a crisp and effective gripping surface. This collaboration as far as I'm concerned is a huge success, Tashi and CNF have made a fantastic flipper and I would recommend this blade to anyone looking for a rugged and reliable defense weapon or collectable. Again CNF, THUMBS UP! Thanks Guys!
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