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Garage Sale - CKF Rama Raz Flashlight

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Super design, complex titanium anodizing, CREE XLamp XP-L LED, powered by a single high discharge rate 18650 (3400mah) with an output range of 1 to 1150 lumens, milled pocket clip.

The XLamp® XP-L LED is the first commercially available single-die LED to deliver breakthrough efficacy of up to 200 lm/w at 350 mA. The game-changing Cree® XLamp® XP-L LED delivers an immediate performance increase of 50% or more as a drop-in upgrade for lighting designs based on Cree's market-leading XLamp® XP-G LEDs. As the brightest member of the industry’s only family of high-density-class discrete LEDs, the new XP-L LED redefines system performance, cost and size of LED lighting.

Max Output: 1150 lumens

Max Beam Distance: 140 m

Max Runtime: up to 62hrs


Battery: rechargeable 18650 (3400mAh, Li-ion, 3.6V, 12.2Wh)

Charge type: microUSB charge base (included)

Beam color: White light

Regimes: the tail switch can be switched between conventional and enhanced operation modes allowing the user to access turbo or strobe with a click

  • 1: 2 lumens (up to 62hrs
  • 2: 150 lumens (up to 12hrs)
  • 3: turbo 900 lumens (up to 2.5 hrs)
  • 4: 900 lumens strobe (ffs, that hurts!)
  • SOS (International Morse code distress signal) (··· ——— ···)

Button: CKF RAMA features a quiet tail switch with minimal noise when being clicked on for tactical purposes.

Length: 126mm = 4.96"

Head size: 26mm = 1.02"

Weight with battery: 169gr = 5.97oz

Additional: O-Ring Sealed, Water Resistant, IPx6

Design: Anton Malyshev

Coolness: your best flashlight ever

Additional "For real nuts" info

CREE XLamp XP-L LED specs:

Size 3.45 x 3.45 mm
Maximum Drive Current (Standard) 3 A
Max Power (W) 10 W
Max Light Output (lm) 1150 lm
Maximum Efficacy at Binning Conditions (lm/W) 161 lm/W
Typical Forward Voltage 2.95 V @ 1.05 A
Maximum Reverse Voltage -5 V
Viewing Angle 125 °
Maximum Junction Temperature 150 °C
Binning 85 °C
Maximum ESD Withstand Voltage 8000 V (HBM per Mil-Std-883D)
Reflow Solderable Yes - JEDEC J-STD-020C-compatible
RoHS-Compliant Yes
REACh-Compliant Yes
UL-Recognized Yes - Level 4 Enclosure Consideration

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