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CKF Pepyakka Z

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CKF Pepyakka Z
Out of stock
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Stunning at night, my favourite fidget spinner now. It is hard to start the spin tho, best to hold in left hand and use two right hand finger to spin it.
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Pepyakka Z is the tri-star-spinner hand toy designed by Anton Malyshev.

High-end design, not just a piece of plastic or copper sh.t with bearings in the middle.

Titanium (many angles, many flats, crazy machining, carving, complex anodizing), fast R188 bearings, 3 tritium green color inserts on one side, 3 slots for 1,5*6mm tritium vial on the other side.


CKF Pepyakka Z reviews

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August 19, 2017 11:47
This spinner is stunning
Stunning at night, my favourite fidget spinner now. It is hard to start the spin tho, best to hold in left hand and use two right hand finger to spin it.
August 8, 2017 18:31
out of space
the best looking spinner from FRWK

4.0 F.A.Q.

Just imagine: we receive hundreds of letters every day. We spend hours answering these questions instead of packaging/handling the orders/making new designs.

It all happens even when we have all information on our site. Do not be surprised, we collected all questions here, even with obvious answers :)

So, super F.A.Q. was created :) See below..


When i make the order. When will you ship? May you ship my order faster?

We ship all orders one by one, starting from the first order. We can not move you in line, it is not fair.

We ship 40-60 spinners per week.

I want to buy your spinner 4.0. Seems to be out of stock. Is it out of stock?

First batch of 4.0 Pepyakka will be on site in early summer. It is out of stock now, yes.

May i pre-order?

No, sorry. Our experience with 2.0 and 3.0 showed that it was madness. About thousand letters with obvious questions. We will have free sales on site when Pepyakka 4.0 is ready.

May you guys use faster Shipping Service? DHL? I am ready to pay more.

No, sorry, we use only Russian Post and EMS. You may track your shippings here: https://www.pochta.ru/

When will you have Pepyakka 4.0 spinner on site?

Late summer.

How to be notified when the spinner is in stock?

Use site notification feature "Email me when it is in stock" button on product's page.

Is it tri-spinner?

Yes, tri-spinner.

Will 4.0 be also limited and numbered?

Yes, sure.

When will the next batch be listed on your site?

Again, early summer (June-July).


i didn't get confirmation/notification email from you.

Yes, it happens. Please check your *SPAM* box. Also, qq.com servers do not let our letters pass their filters somehow (SMTP error from remote mail server). We may do nothing with it.


Are the bearings caged or not?

No, these upgraded bearings are not caged.

I disassembled your spinner, there is lack of ceramic balls in the bearings. Is it normal?

Yes :) these are special bearings for our spinner. They are faster, smooth, easy to wash.

I hear sound from the bearings while vertical spinning. Is it normal?

Yes, it is normal.

So where do you produce them? Where are you located?

We use American/Russian materials, Russian design/money and Chinese CNC. It works fine. We are located in Moscow. Here.

Sometimes something happens and i can not spin my spinner on 1 finger FFS! What the hell?

You know, we created innovative, unique and futuristic design (not just a piece of plastic/wood/titanium shit metal with bearings for $*** like 90% of other spinners).

We didn't think you would take part in One Finger Spinning World Championship. We are pleased to make you full refund and take Pepyakka 3.0 back if it is new and wasn't disassembled.

A lot of people are waiting in line for your kind gesture. Thank you.

How to wash the bearings?

Easy. Remove the caps. Use fat-removing liquid (like we use in our kitchens for dish washing), then wash with vodka, then dry with the hair drier.


I am spinners observer from Youtube. Grant me your spinner and i will tell about your Pepyakka in good words to all my 58 subscribers.

Hello, no, sorry, we do not have spinners for YouTube observers. All spinners are sold out.

I am vet of Nepalese mountain war with no legs and arms, i spend all my salary for the nearest Dog Retreat Center. May you send me one of your spinners?

Sorry, no. We are small family business, we make monthly donations to Gift of Life Fund and think it's much more better.

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