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Krokar Ti knife (Konygin, Ti, Zirc, M390) reviews

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1 review for Krokar Ti knife (Konygin, Ti, Zirc, M390)
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February 16, 2019 03:42
Truly Custom! Very Impressed!
Again CKF and Alexsey have collabed on an incredible Blade. I liked the Ti model because it weighed a couple more ounces, and I loved the sculpted scales, Zirconium back spacer and pocket clip are awesome, but am very impressed with the Tail Lock. The ergonomics are superb and the balance is just right with the heavier scales, for me. This Knife is an incredible creation following the Verona Custom. This is a Custom knife with out question and with an almost 5" blade is nothing to be reckoned with, a serious self defense Blade and weapon. Hands down a very high quality and well crafted Blade! I Love this Knife, Well done CKF and Alexsey!!!!!
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