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VENOM: New Concept (S35VN, Ti, GREEN anodizing, bearings)

1 review for VENOM: New Concept (S35VN, Ti, GREEN anodizing, bearings)
  • "Snake Bite"
    December 20, 2016 20:24

    It takes a lot of guts for a knife company like CKF to bring another manufacturers blade to their web-site to compete with their own blades. Like Mike said, this knife is made in one of China's best shops, and I personally appreciate the fact that CKF thinks of their customers as knife people and are willing to sell us something that they see as a just and well made blade. I am very loyal to knife builders like CKF especially, Ramon Chaves, Strider, Burn Custom, and Todd Begg, to name a few. Why? because I know who the owner is, who the designers are, the machine and assembly teams or individual, and excellent service provided by said builders. It is not just the knife you are buying but also knowing the people you trust in building your precious blades and the relationships that make that bond of buying an original blade. CKF knows the knife business and if they bring me a new blade it is because they also trust in us to trust their knowledge and expertise in the knife world. The Venom New Concept is a very well made knife and for the price it makes a great EDC I can use and not worry about EDC ware and tear like I do with my CKF knives which I like to keep as pristine as possible for my collection as well as their monetary worth and value. I am not a rich man so when I buy a new knife I am very prudent and spend my money wisely. This blade is a no brainer as far as I'm concerned. It is not a CKF blade, that is true, but it is not a cheap Chinese clone either. If you have been thinking about pulling the trigger on this one, please shoot. This is a nice blade! I recommend it highly. Thanks again CKF!