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T14B (new T90) knife - Alexey Konygin, M390, Copper, Ti reviews

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T14 has landed
I learned about the T90 after I became a customer of CKF about 3 years ago and was never able to find one for my collection. I since got two Ratata's and a T92 which are outstanding blades themselves, but always wondered what the Larger T90 would have been like. The T14 is amazing, with the changes that were made like the grasp of the handle, the chamfered edges, and the hidden pocket clip mounting, the sexy pivot collar along with the great blade grinds with just enough polished area to offset the black blade and handle, make for a well refined and beautiful knife. The machined cut outs on the frame reflect back to Alexsey's original Decepticon concept of being able to look through the knife open or closed and add to the depth of the design. CKF and Alexsey have once again made a blade which will become legendary just like the T90 has become and I again consider myself very lucky to have one. I am truly happy and recommend getting this blade for your collection or EDC. Thank you CKF!!!!
 Men's or single?Perrick ZacharyYesterday 19:24
Curious if this is multiple rows or single row of bearings
 Mrbs* not men'sPerrick ZacharyYesterday 21:05
Damn autocorrect
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