Did you know that the FromRussiaWithKnives.com store has been fully integrated with PayPal? Take a grip on the possibilities and convenience offered by PayPal. Your payments for purchased goods will be booked on the shop's account within only a few minutes after you make the transaction. You can pay for any purchase at any time, 24 hours a day.

PayPal gives you more:

  • pay by your mobile phone
  • transfers to e-mail addresses without need to provide additional data
  • insight into the history and details of the transaction - be up to date
  • transactions secured by buyer protection programs
  • enctypted connection
  • all transfers completed within up to 5 minutes
  • pay using credit and/or debit cards
  • register at the store using your PayPal account
  • as well as many more options - just check at PayPal
  • NEW! Reclaim the cost of returning the goods! Details and conditions of the program: PayPal/returns