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December 29, 2016 03:01
I recieved my new Ratata "TECHCPPR" today. After chasing my post man who decided to be early, So I was not home. Not cool. After I caught up with him, after chasing him down, I got my new blade and he is still living. When I'm expecting a new blade from CKF, do not FK up my day. It does not make me happy. Well my postman is still alive because I'm a nice guy and I got my new blade. Stas man, this blade is absolutely insane. Alexey designed the blade, CKF built the blade, Stas customized the blade. Who needs Viagra to be excited. You guys go way beyond creative. This blade is EPIC. The anodizing, file and grind work, and the picture frame mill work on the frame handles are Insane. The perfection in the depth of the cuts brings an added appeal and nice grasp factor. The copper accents are soft and not over done, The blending of the stone wash and copper are balanced and beautiful. This blade is awesome. It took me a couple of days to pick my new blade because the other CPPR Ratata's were just as well done, but as fate has it the TECHCPPR spoke to me and it is now mine. You guys are more than creative, You are master craftsman working together, thinking together, and living life together and it shows in your creations. Again CKF, well done and I am extremely happy as usual, Thanks Guys
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