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CKF Sukhoi-3 -Dominance- (Malyshev, M390, Ti, CF, Zirc) reviews

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1 review for CKF Sukhoi-3 -Dominance- (Malyshev, M390, Ti, CF, Zirc)
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January 9, 2019 03:41
MasterPiece as usual!
Got my Sukhoi 3 today and it only took 6 days. Man, am I happy! Tohus and CKF have built another Iconic Masterpiece. I love the sculpted CF scales, The Zirconium back spacer, The custom Pivot, and that Tohus Blade. Simply Awesome!! I can not imagine anyone who would not want one of these beautiful Blades in their collection. With the extra parts and great clam shell case it is worth every penny. I highly recommend getting one before they go away. Thanks Guys for another exciting day in Knife world!!!
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