Latest news (November 2020)

November 23, 2020

- ETA for CKF/Rotten collab is December/January. Please, be ready to check your emails not to miss the second payment and shipping!
- We have new collabs coming in 2021-2022, sign in: Fif-20 Ti (pre-orders soon)
  CKF Eagle Rock with B.Terzuola
  Veksha-3 (Sokosha) by Marfione/Malyshev
  SNAFU 3.0 by Rassenti
  CKF/TRC Speed Demon folder
  Sablya 2.0 by A.Malyshev
  Justice 3.0 by Tashi Bharucha
 bunch of CKF/Konygin collabs